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Destination Weddings: 3 Ideas to Keep in Mind

June 19th, 2014 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

Destination weddings are all the rage right now. They offer the perfect combination of adventure and romance. Whether you'd like to say your vows barefoot on a beach or while overlooking a mountain range, you'll want to take a few things into consideration before booking the accommodations. Take a look at the top three things you should investigate before moving forward with a destination wedding:

The cost

We don't want to burst your wedding bubble, but destination weddings are costly for you and your guests. Compare your destination costs to a few local options and weigh the pros and cons before writing any checks.

Plan ahead

All weddings require a ton of planning, but when it comes to a destination wedding you want to allow extra time for your guests to save a little money, take time off and make arrangements needed to take part in your special day. A destination wedding tends to limit your guest list, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. Remember, fewer people are willing to commit to a wedding that's out of town.

To honeymoon or not

For more couples the destination wedding doubles as their honeymoon. If that's the case, you'll probably be spending your honeymoon with friends and family around. If you want a quiet honeymoon, this might not be your best option.

Please remember that we are here to ease the, sometimes stressful, wedding decisions with a relaxing massage. Call us at to schedule your appointment today.

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Wedding Photographer: What to Ask?

June 3rd, 2014 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

Picking a wedding photographer is one of the most time consuming parts of wedding planning. After all, you'll be showing these pictures to your grandchildren. When you're interviewing photographers, be sure to ask these three questions:

What's included in the price?

Some photographers have a flat fee for their services but charge you separately to print photos. Other photographers will load all the pictures to a file-sharing site where it becomes your responsibility to print the pics and share them with friends. Either way, you need to know what's included in the price.

Do you do video as well?

Some companies will offer both video and still photos. Of course, you'll pay more for these services, but if it's something you want, it's worth looking into.

Will you use the pictures for promotional purposes?

If you don't want a picture of you and your groom shoving cake into each others face on the main page of the photographer's website, you'll want to look into this possibility.

What's the timeline?

Summer is the busiest time for wedding photographers, so if you're planning to get hitched in June, July or August, you'll probably have to wait a bit longer for your pictures to be ready. A quality photographer will edit each one and make sure they look stellar before handing them over to you. Still, you'll want to know when your photos will be done.

We are here to keep you relaxed during the decision process. So, please call on us to come to your aid. A relaxing massage may help you make just the right decision. Call to make your massage appointment today.

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What Your Esthetician Wishes They Could Say to You

May 14th, 2014 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

We're going to be frank. There are a number of things we - your estheticians - wish to share with you. We see you up close and personal, probably know your pores better than you do.

If we were free to say absolutely anything we want though, it would sound a lot like this:

 Every time you, cringe during a waxing we feel sorry for your discomfort. We know you want to be waxed, but the idea of making you uncomfortable for your beauty is painful for us. Please do us a favor by taking an aspirin or ibuprofen about a half hour before your wax. While you're at it, perhaps a Tums or other antacid. We know it sounds odd, but if you smoke or drink a lot of caffeine or alcohol (hopefully not though), it creates acid in your body. Acid makes your skin more sensitive, leading to more pain. Oh, and while we're at it, please don't use BPO or retin A in the hours leading up to an eyebrow or lip waxing. You know how these makes your pores appear smaller? That's because it actually shrinks them, making it more difficult to remove those shorter hairs. Also creates post wax skin irritation.

You're aging your skin. We love that you are coming to see us on a regular basis, but there is something you're doing that really ages your skin. We're concerned about the amount of sun you get without using sunscreen. You're Post treatment results will last much longer when you use preventive measures in betwwen your treatments. Slather it on and re-apply on a regular basis.

Treatment is cumulative. Please do not think we're trying to up-sell you when we say this: the more you pamper your skin, the better it will look. Just as poor diet, air pollution, and overexposure to the sun will slowly damage your skin, a glowing countenance will be your reward for regular trips to the spa. Corrective is weekly to biweekly and maintenance is monthly for your Village Spa skincare treatments!

It's okay if you just want to relax. No matter which service you've come in for, you honestly don't have to entertain us. We love to hear about you and your loved ones, but spa time is meant to relax and renew you. If that means you just want to lie there and contemplate the meaning of life, we're fine with it. In fact, we would probably do the same. We love to share stories,  as you are more than clients to us. But we suggest after the initial fun chat we suggest to quietly relax during the massage portion of your facial. You are able to better enjoy your time out. We also have time during extractions if you wish for us to continue our fun catch up time.  But we will never be offended if you wish to totally rest during your entire visit and enjoy the inward quiet...

You are beautiful. Do you know how often we've heard you complain about your wrinkles or apologize for the condition of your skin? It's fine if you need to vent, but even though we practice esthetics we see beauty as far more than skin deep. We encourage you to see your own inward beauty. We don't have one single client who looks like you, has your life experience, or your particular sense of humor. In short, we really like you and dont want you to be so hard on yourself. Please see it from our professional point of view - you're perfect. We here at The Village Spa are all mothers of daughters,and want to encourage a healthy approach towards aging and beauty . The grace of a warm heartfelt smile,  together with a heathy lifestyle is truly beautiful. This is you, our beautiful Village Spa clients...We love our time with you.

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