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Mom Meets Massage

April 18th, 2014 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

We'll be the first to admit, a massage might seem a bit too unimaginative a gift to give Mom for Mother's Day. In fact, it is as simple as purchasing an online gift certificate. You know what else is unimaginative, though? A book by a beloved author, bar of fine chocolate, bottle of sparkling wine - none of these things exactly explore new gift-giving territory, and yet your mother would love any one of them, just because it came from you.

Why not give her a gift she will love and a gift that will actually alter the way she feels? Massage is more than just a great rubdown by trained hands with soft lights, candles and soothing music. Massage promotes actual physiological changes to the body. As a massage takes place, a mechanical response naturally occurs due to the pressure and movement of the soft tissue. Particular massage techniques are used to increase circulation to areas that have been injured. Massage supports vein and lymphatic drainage, helping to keep your mom's body healthy. Massage stretches connective tissue, warding off the formation of large quantities of scar tissue.

Because internal organs share neurological pain pathways with bones, nerves, and muscles, they even benefit from massage. For example, during menstruation, pain in the lower back can make menstrual cramps more intense. In turn, the sharper menstrual cramps can cause the back muscles to tense, leading to more pain. Once those muscles in the lower back are relaxed, the ensuing pain related to menstruation may diminish.

Since the day your grandmother first held your mother in her arms, she found ways to soothe her. One of the most primal was simply by touching her, rubbing her little back, stroking her soft skin. Human beings crave touch and respond in a way that dates back the beginning of time. Your mother will feel connected to another person, a part of a community - even if she's just met her massage therapist. She will begin to relax, knowing that someone else is in charge and she can let our thoughts flow at will. The tension will ease from her body as her mind enters a state of meditative calm. And though she is not likely to connect the two, your mom will get a feeling of comfort and well-being that can be traced back to those days when she was cared for as a young child.

Even if she's a bit of a control freak, relaxation is involuntary. It's simply a response of her nervous system to touch and technique. In addition, the longer she lies within the warm embrace of the massage room, the more her sense of comfort and safety will intensify, allowing her to sink even deeper into relaxation.

Why not slip a massage gift certificate into a pair of new spa slippers, or serve her a cup of hot coffee with a certificate tucked beneath it? However you present your gift, make sure Mom knows that you're crazy about her and that you wish she could be pampered every day of her life. You don't simply want your mom to be around for a long time; you want her feeling like a million bucks. Mother's Day is your opportunity to make that happen. And the nurturing environment at The Village Spa will be the most inviting atmosphere for her to relax....we look forward to meeting and welcoming your mom to our lovely spa with our warm hearted group of spa professionals..JoAnn and Michelle, NYS licensed aestheticians and Alison and Bianca NYS licensed Massage Therapists!

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Ring in Spring With Beautiful Nails

April 2nd, 2014 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

Shed those winter blues and step into spring with our revitalizing hand and foot treatments, and the latest nail lacquers. So often winter months deplete your hands and feet of moisture. All that artificially-heated air inside and cold weather outside renders your hands dull, crackled and dry. Your poor feet, hidden beneath socks and boots for months, probably scream for hydration. Bring your hands and feet back to life with rejuvenating spa manicures and spa pedicures. Then brighten them with a fresh coat of color. Michelle Jack from a Time For You is conveniently located in The Village Spa for the most luxurious in nail care and skincare! Michelle will exceed your expectations!

Operation Restoration

Enjoy a restorative hand treatment or spa manicure. Ideal for tired, chapped hands, our treatments include all the pampering that comes with our standard manicure, plus an invigorating scrub and soothing massage.

Choose from hydrating services, like a paraffin treatment for softer, subtle hands that also minimize signs of aging.

Ask Michelle about treatments and products that can help strengthen brittle nails. If you want to transition from acrylics to natural nails, she can establish a series of treatments to improve the overall health of your hands.

Put your best foot forward with one of our pampering pedicures. Designed to relax and renew, our pedicures leave your feet silky smooth. Michelle will incorporate enhanced exfoliation and hydration with her spa pedicures, as well as a reaxing massage. She will also apply hydrating creams or oils that help vanquish calluses, revitalize worn cuticles and bring new life to weary feet. Enjoy Time For You with Michelle Jack!

Posh Polish

Spring is a time of renewal. So what better time to try new nail colors?

Nail polish manufactures release new trends in the spring, just like fashion designers. Ask Michelle about the latest color trends, lacquers and looks available. Experimenting with color enhances the mood as well as your nails.

Consider adding a little bling this spring, with nail embellishments and appliqués. Like fashion accessories, nail embellishments --- such as a rhinestone on a big toe --- add dazzle to a new pair of sandals. A coat of glitter over lacquer produces a stunning look that transitions well from day to night.

Spring is also the season for weddings, commencements and brunches. Try pretty pastels for a soft look or an elegant French manicure for more formal occasions. As Michell prepares for her own daughter Heidies wedding she is chock full of fabulous bridal nail care ideas and treatment schedules for your skin andnail care needs.

No matter what the occasion, treat yourself to hand or foot treatments this spring; the season that provides nature's door to brighter days ahead.

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Spring: Time for a Massage

March 17th, 2014 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

Spring marks a time of wonder and growth for everyone. With it comes the time of year when people end their pseudo-hibernation and look to get more active. Maybe you made a New Year's Resolution to take better care of yourself. Maybe you're looking at your yard and you decide that this is the year that you finally redecorate your landscaping. Before you take on too much, start by getting a massage to help loosen up those muscles. If not, you're probably going to need to get one after you start on that yard work or visit the gym.

Spring is when flowers bloom, the birds return to their songs, and there is a sense that all is alive and thriving. There is a lift in spirits as the warmer weather approaces and a massage will only help improve that feeling. It's a great way to boost to your mental health and well being. The temperatures start going up and the daylight lasts a few minutes more each day. It puts a spring in your step and can make you feel better about yourself. Getting a massage can help kick start your body to get you out of the winter funk that may still be lingering around.

Now, even though Valentine's Day is past, springtime is a great time to not only get yourself a massage, but to set up a couple's massage with your special someone. It makes for a great experience that couples will enjoy together.Many people get married in the spring, which means bachelorette parties. A great alternative to a traditional bachelorette party is a gathering at the spa.  Massages are a perfect relaxing prep to a busy wedding day of celebration. Spring is a great time for a massage. You will have your spring back in your step quicker than everyone else!

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